We’re up to seven reports of “safe” Galaxy Note 7s exploding [Update #3]

Samsung remains facing a significant issue with the Galaxy Note seven. once a worldwide recall as a result of explosive batteries, the corporate has been making an attempt to induce replacement models back to the hands of customers and back on store shelves. However, even with a major quantity of replacement devices come in the wild, reports area unit coming back therein the “safe” replacements area unit still exploding.

So far we have seen six such reports on, with 5 claimed to be replacement devices ANd one with an unknown replacement status:

A “safe” Note seven that caught hearth on a lay Southwest Flight, triggering AN evacuation of the plane.
A “safe” Note seven crammed a Bluegrass State chamber with smoke at 4am, causing the owner to the hospital once he started unconditioned reflex “a ton of black stuff.”
A “safe” Note seven liquified in Minnesota and burned a 13-year-old girl’s hand.
A “safe” Note seven exploded in Taiwan whereas within a woman’s pants pocket.
A Note seven caught hearth in an exceedingly South Korean baseball arena. The owner says the unit is “a new one.”
A Note seven caught hearth in an exceedingly South Korean Burger King. It’s unknown if it is a replacement or not, however the bulk of devices in South Korea are replaced.
The Bluegrass State case is perhaps the worst. The phone caught hearth Gregorian calendar month fourth and therefore the owner contacted Samsung, however the general public did not hear regarding it till Gregorian calendar month eighth. The owner told CBS affiliate WKYT that he felt Samsung was serving to him, till he erroneously received the subsequent text from a Samsung representative:

Just now got this. I will try to slow him down if we predict it’ll matter, or we have a tendency to simply let him do what he keeps threatening to try and do and see if he will it.
Samsung’s last official statement on the problem came on Gregorian calendar month seventh expression it “understands the priority our carriers and customers should be feeling once recent reports have raised questions about our freshly free replacement Note7 devices,” and “If we have a tendency to conclude a security issue exists, we’ll work with the [Consumer Product Safety Commission] to require immediate steps to handle matters.” whereas Samsung continues to tug its feet, carriers might presently take action themselves by discontinuing sales of the Note seven.

With this several reports pile up, it’s laborious to return to any conclusion aside from that the Note seven remains dangerous. several carriers area unit presently acceptive Note seven returns, even for devices deemed “safe” by Samsung. If you continue to have a Galaxy Note seven, replacement or not, it is a smart plan to come back it to your carrier straightaway.

Update: additional reports area unit coming back in. We’re up to seven devices. The Verge has 2 additional cases of replacement Note 7s catching fire: One in Virginia, that once more flaring up within the middle of the night, and another in American state. AT&T has stopped sales, telling The Verge “Based on recent reports, we’re now not exchanging new Note 7s at now, unfinished any investigation of those reported  incidents.”

Update 2: Korea’s Yonhap press association reports that Samsung has stopped production of the Note seven. If Samsung is finally taking action on this, we must always see a proper acknowledgement of the issues presently.

Update 3: currently T-Mobile has stopped commercialism the Note seven, expression “While Samsung investigates multiple reports of problems, T-Mobile is briefly suspending all sales of the new Note seven and exchanges for replacement Note seven devices.” We’re still looking ahead to a brand new, formal recall announcement.

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